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Solea® dental laser treatment replaces the scalpel and the drill in most dental procedures. This technology is revolutionizing common dental procedures and making it easier for children to go to dentists. Thanks to Solea, dentistry procedures are taking less time and involving less discomfort and anxiety than ever before.

Solea dental laser treatment is available in Brea, CA, and the surrounding area. If your child is anxious about going to the dentist, you are not alone, and Solea can help. Call us today at 714-782-0215 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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Solea Dental Laser Explained

Laser dentistry has been around since the 1990s, offering an alternative to traditional dental tools and procedures involving noise and discomfort. Laser stands for light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. In laser dentistry, an instrument emits light energy in a narrow-focused beam that can remove and shape hard and soft tissue with more precision, speed, and less discomfort than traditional dental instruments.< p>

Solea represents a leading advancement in laser dentistry technology. It is the first CO2 laser approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use on hard and soft oral tissue. Solea is virtually silent, vibration-free and can completely replace the need for needles and drills in most dental procedures.

Benefits and Advantages of Solea Dental Laser Treatment

The Solea laser offers several advantages, especially when treating children. The numbing shot and the loud dental drill are things many children fear when going to the dentist. Solea eliminates the shot and the drill in most dental procedures. Also, children can often eat right after treatment or return to school or other regular activities without an uncomfortable numb sensation.

In addition to the reduced need for anesthesia, Solea saves the patient time because it works fast and allows a dental professional to complete multiple procedures in one appointment. Dentist who use Solea report almost no bleeding. Patients also benefit from a faster recovery process and a lower risk of infection.

Types of Solea Dental Laser Treatment

The Solea dental laser is one of the most versatile lasers on the market. In the past, dentists have had to use a different laser for the teeth and the gums. However, Solea can treat hard and soft tissue in the oral cavity. In children, Solea is a faster and more pain-free way to perform common procedures such as cavity removal. Other procedures include:

  • Canker sore treatment
  • Crown lengthening
  • Fibroma removals
  • Frenectomies
  • Gingivectomies

Things to Consider

Though Solea comes with many advantages, it does not work for all dental procedures. Also, there are certain procedures involving Solea where an anesthetic will still be necessary. It is also important to remember that treatment with Solea is most effective when combined with proper dental care. Solea lowers most risks usually associated with dental procedures. However, no procedure is without risk entirely.

How Treatment Works

Our team will discuss the specifics of the procedure at the consultation and give parents the information they need to get the child ready for their procedure. It is important parents disclose any preexisting conditions their child has or alert our team to any orthodontic or dental work. On the day of the procedure, the child will need to wear protective eyewear. However, they will not be troubled by any drill sounds, and the procedure should be finished quickly. For most procedures, there is little to no downtime. Your child should be able to return to school or their regular activities immediately after.

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We are making going to the dentist easier for kids in Brea, CA, and the surrounding area. Solea laser dentistry offers faster and more pain-free dental care. Call us now at 714-782-0215 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Solea laser dentistry treatment?

Most procedures with Solea are pain-free and involve not drilling sounds or bleeding. There is usually no need for anesthesia. In addition, the procedure can be done faster, and multiple procedures can be performed in one appointment.

Will my insurance cover Solea laser dentistry treatment?

As laser dentistry becomes more popular, more insurance companies are covering this treatment. It is likely your insurance will too. We advise patients to check with their insurance provider for specifics on their plan.

Is the Solea laser painful?

Most procedures done with the Solea laser are associated with very little discomfort because there is minimal damage done to tissues surrounding the treatment area. Patients report a cold sensation every couple of seconds during treatment but rarely describe it as painful. If a procedure is more invasive than usual, anesthesia will help keep the patient comfortable.

What are the risks associated with Solea?

Though no dental procedure is 100% risk-free, Solea does come with fewer risks than dental treatments using traditional tools. Because of the laser, there is less bleeding and a reduced risk of infection. Due to the laser's precise nature, there is less risk to the surrounding tissue. However, the level of risk varies by procedure, and our team will discuss any potential risks with you at the consultation.

Who is a good candidate for Solea laser dentistry treatment?

Anyone who wants a more comfortable experience at the dentist followed by faster healing times is a good candidate for Solea laser dentistry treatment. The laser is especially popular for children because it usually avoids numbing, needles, drills, and long procedures. The laser is safe for almost everyone, including pregnant women.

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