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When Should a Child Begin Orthodontic Medicament?

When does your child need Orthodontics in Brea? Well, if this question is in your mind, read along. Below, you'll learn what orthodontics is, why it is required, and when it is required in the case of children. In our previous blog, we have explained about say no to pain with needle-free dentistry in Brea. So, if you're interested, read along.

What is Orthodontics?

It's a special type of dentistry that involves diagnosing and treating mispositioned jaws, teeth, and bite patterns that are misaligned. Most dental experts recommend parents to get their kids examined as early as possible. It's because in later stages, the treatment becomes difficult.

As orthodontics deals with misaligned teeth, its treatment basically involves prosthetics such as braces. Braces are the devices used for aligning and positioning the teeth to bring them to the desired position.

The Appropriate Time for Your Children to Consider Orthodontic Treatment:

The right age varies from anywhere between 7-14 years. It's because the kids who fall in this range have a few permanent teeth. Also, they're still in the growing phase.

Most orthodontic in Brea issues such as protruding teeth, missing or extra teeth, the extra spacing could be inherited. Also, due to some poor oral dental hygiene, orthodontic issues can arise. However, if dealt with at early stages, such problems can be prevented and treated perfectly.

Signs That Your Kids Needs Orthodontic Treatment in Brea:

Without fail consult an orthodontist once your child turns seven. However, if you notice any of the below signs, you should visit an orthodontist for kids braces in Brea regardless of age:

  • Irregular teeth loss.
  • Problems while biting or chewing food.
  • Finger or thumb sucking.
  • Misplaced or crowded teeth.
  • Protruding teeth.
  • Sound producing jaws.
  • Abnormally meeting teeth.

In case of the above signs in your kid even before he turns 7, you should consult Dr. David M Kang.

Who Offers the Best Orthodontics in Brea?

Whether you need help regarding kids braces in Brea or general dentistry, you can come to Dr. David M Kang. Dr. David M Kang is an experienced professional who has dealt with children with special dental needs successfully. He recognizes children’s dental issues thoroughly and can help you determine, and treat and ward off orthodontic troubles.


If you're looking for an orthodontics in Brea visit Pediatric Dental Practice and Orthodontics, where Dr. David M Kang practices, you'll find the latest equipment to deliver the best treatment. Another special thing is the ambiance. The office ambiance is perfectly suited for your kid. So, if you want a relaxing dental experience for your kid, this is the right place. Call now at (714) 255-8338 to book an appointment.

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