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What is Pain-Free Dentistry?

Some dental treatments may turn out to be very painful and uncomfortable. Often, this is why people shy away from visiting a dentist and getting a thorough dental checkup unless the pain becomes relentless. Dental technology is advancing rapidly, and now the concept of anesthesia free dentistry in Brea and pain-free dentistry is fast becoming a reality. Dr. David M. Kang at Brea Pediatric Dental Practice and Orthodontics is a renowned dentist known to promote the concept of pain-free dentistry. Let us understand this concept for better clarity.

Concept of Pain-Free Dentistry:

Pain is one of the overriding reasons why patients do not visit a dentist and lose out on getting proper and timely medical care and attention. This anxiety sometimes results in severe toothache, infection, and in certain cases, tooth loss. For this reason, pain-free dental services are gaining a lot of traction amongst potential patients. Here are some ways through which pain-free dentistry in Brea provides a relatively less traumatic experience to their patients undergoing dental treatments.

3 Pain-Free Dentistry Treatments in Brea:

  1. Laser:

    Laser treatments are quite popular and are fast becoming an integral part of dentistry. These treatments are primarily used for gum surgeries and other soft tissue procedures. Now, there is no need for the patients to get anxious or feel nervous at the sight of a knife that the dentists earlier used for the surgeries. In laser surgeries, there is less pain, less blood, and relatively fewer reasons to get anxious or nervous.

  2. Composites:

    Porcelain and composites fillings are no longer uncomfortable compared to metal fillings. There is no need for dentists to drill deep into the tooth to prepare a suitable composite or porcelain filling foundation. Now, they can enjoy drill-free in Brea. Adhesives are used these days to secure the fillings to the tooth.

  3. Laughing Gas:

    Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is also used in managing anxiety and pain in dentistry. It helps the patients to feel comfortable and relaxed when going through the dental treatment. The patients are asked to inhale the gas, which is very effective for patients of all ages.


Pain-free and needle-free in Brea are fast becoming a very common way of imparting dental treatments to patients. Needle free dentistry for children reduces parents' anxieties. The kids no longer procrastinate their dental checkups. It is also paving the way for better oral and dental care and health for children.

If you are looking for pain free dentistry contact our children's dentist in Brea Dr. David M. Kang at Brea Pediatric Dental Practice and Orthodontics. Visit our website or call us at (714) 255-8338 and schedule an appointment today.

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