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What is Anesthesia Free Dentistry?

Dental practitioners may have noticed their patients trying to avoid their next clinic visit because of their fear of needles and pain. Patients are not wrong from their standpoint but as dentists it is important to identify alternative solutions to painful needle-induced anesthesia. If you’ve been avoiding your dental visits for the same reason, there's good news for you. Anesthesia-free dentistry in Brea is now a reality, and patients can have a needle and pain-free treatment.

Anesthesia Free Dentistry in Brea:

The needle-free dentistry in Brea is a boon for needle-phobic dental patients. If the thought of needles touching your gums makes you feel uncomfortable, you can go needle-free in Brea. In anesthesia-free dentistry, dentists use alternatives to needles for all their dental procedures, giving the patients a needle-free and painless solution.

The INJEX System Example:

For example, our orthodontics in Brea uses INJEX system that is one of the needle-free alternatives used in some clinics. It is a safe, effective, and pain-free device used to deliver anesthetic into the gums in the form of a fine jet of liquid.

Advantages of INJEX System:

The process takes a few seconds, and no part of the INJEX system device penetrates the skin. As a result, patients don’t feel the widespread numbness they usually do in traditional needle-induced anesthesia.

Other Safe Options:

Besides the INJEX system, there are many more similar alternatives that involve injecting anesthetic liquid into the gums without using a needle. Electronic anesthesia, subgingival anesthesia, and cryo-anesthesia are some of the other safe and reliable options used to practice pain-free dentistry in Brea.

How to Complete Dental Treatments the Painless Way?

Just the knowledge of anesthesia-free dentistry in Brea is not enough for a successful, pain-free treatment. You must find a dental clinic that uses the best needle-free alternatives and has the best set of professionals to handle it.

Visit Our Children’s Dentist for Needle-Free in Brea:

If you’re planning to go needle-free in Brea, schedule an appointment with Dr. David M Kang. He is a highly experienced dental expert at the Brea Pediatric Dental Practice and Orthodontics clinic. He has amassed many positive testimonials from his past patients. This clinic uses state-of-the-art technological solutions to help its young patients improve their dental conditions without any pain or discomfort. As the entire team is polite, friendly, and knowledgeable, you can easily get your treatment done without any hassle or complications. So book your appointment today through our website to explore the best dental solutions. For more information call us at (714) 255-8338 and schedule an appointment today.

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