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The Duration of an Orthodontic Treatment

Wearing braces forever seems to be a nightmare. And, this very thought itself deters the majority to shy away from orthodontics. In our previous blog, we have explained the symptoms a parent must watch out for their kids for orthodontics treatment in Brea. However, you might not be aware that orthodontic treatment isn't just about metallic braces. It also involves invisalign, which are the clear aligners.

The Length of Typical Orthodontic Treatments in Brea:

The question about how long it takes for orthodontic treatment to complete depends upon the kind of treatment. Your treatment requirements might differ from the next person. Your behavioral traits can impact the treatment duration. Also, orthodontic treatment duration doesn't just depend on the duration of wearing braces and aligners. It also involves pre and post phases of wearing of such dental fixtures.

There are patients who spend around two whole years to complete their orthodontic treatment. However, some may require less than a year also. Also, depending on your dental condition, your treatment duration can take upto 36 months for a full-fledged orthodontic treatment. So, there is no fixed answer to the time duration for an orthodontic treatment.

3 Factors on Which Orthodontic Treatment Depends:

  1. Age
  2. Kind of treatment- braces or Invisalign
  3. Your compliance with the dentist

How to Ensure That the Treatment Period Isn't Extended?

In order to fit into the most optimal treatment duration, you need to ensure that you follow the orthodontist's advice thoroughly. You need to maintain healthy oral habits to expedite the treatment process. This will also ensure that you don't need to extend the duration of wearing aligners or braces.

If you are wondering about how long you need to wear braces, then it can take anywhere between 12 to 36 months. However, it can be a little less or more depending on the situation.

Your Duration of Wearing Braces Depend on:

  1. Your Bite Condition:

    Your bites will determine the timing of wearing braces. If you have bite issues, your duration of orthodontic treatment will be more than the duration for correcting a misaligned tooth.

  2. How Crooked Your Teeth Is:

    You might need to wear braces for your crooked and crowded teeth. The time you might need to wear braces hinges on the severity of your dental troubles.

  3. Kind of Braces:

    Your duration of wearing braces can also depend on what type of braces you wear. The time consumed varies based on the type: metal braces, clear aligners or lingual braces.


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