Solea Dental Laser

We're excited to announce Solea Dental Laser treatment for our patients. This dental laser is designed for soft and hard tissue along with bone tissue treatments. It is precise, anesthesia-free, and painless. Our patients love the unique experience of Solea laser Treatment in Brea.

What is Solea?

Solea is an advanced dental technology that has revolutionized the dental field. It's an isotopic CO2 Dental Laser; it uses an oxygen 18 isotope to release a 9.3 ┬Ám wavelength. The Solea laser goes beyond simplicity, speed, and precision.


Advantages of Solea Laser

With Solea Laser Treatment there is no need for drilling teeth and the use of needles. It's quick, easy, and can be done in a single visit. We can provide Solea laser treatment in every quadrant of the mouth.

Solea Laser Treatment in Brea

Our Solea Dentist in Brea offers Solea Laser Treatment which is quite, free of needles, drills, blood, and pain free. Because of its fast work, the procedure can be completed in minutes and there is no need for a second appointment. After the use of Solea Laser Treatment one thing is certain that you're going to leave our dental practice with a smile.


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