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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Apprehensive Kids?

Feeling anxious or scared before any dental procedure is common. But if this anxiousness starts affecting the dental procedure, it becomes necessary to take sedation for a pain-free dentistry services. Sedation in dentistry especially provided at Brea Pediatric Dental Practice And Orthodontics under David M. Kang, D.D.S. and Carol K. Yeung, D.D.S. doesn't put the patient to sleep. It is used to calm the nerves of the patient to make him feel comfortable throughout.

If you’re looking for pain-free dentistry in Brea for your kid, you should book an appointment with one of our certified and trained pediatricians.

Types of Sedation Dentistry Services You Should Be Aware Of:

Dentists use sedation for anxious kids that are fearful of dental procedure. It not only makes the kids calm and comfortable but also ensures a smooth dental treatment. A dentist can safely administer any of the below-mentioned sedatives:

1. Oral Sedation:

The easiest way to sedate a patient is by giving him a sedative in a pill form. In this case, the kid is asked to ingest the given pill just before the procedure. It is done to calm his nerves without making him feel sleepy.

2. Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation):

This sedation type is ideal for kids that are not afraid of needles. In this case, a needle is injected into the patient's vein to facilitate sedation. Once it is done, your kid will become moderately conscious of what is occurring around during the dentistry procedure. It makes it easier for both the kid and the dentist to complete the treatment smoothly.

3. Nitrous Oxide Sedation:

Nitrous Oxide sedation is given through a mask. In this sedation type, the kid inhales a mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide that reduces his anxiety levels in minutes. After the treatment, the patient is provided pure oxygen for a couple of minutes to eliminate any remaining nitrous oxide component in the body.

As a parent, our pediatric dentist in Brea explains the anesthesia and sedation in the dental procedure for kids because all are safe, pain-free, and widely-used methods.

Medical History and the Need for Monitoring:

Be sure to disclose your kid’s recent medication history to the dentists before hand-picking sedation. Post sedation, avoid giving your kid solid food right away. It is advisable to monitor your child’s behavior post the dental procedure.

Pain-Free Dentistry in Brea:

Get optimum benefit from pain-free dentistry in Brea for your kids by choosing the best children dentist near you in Brea like David M. Kang DDS and Carol K. Yeung who practices at Brea Pediatric Dental Practice And Orthodontics. For more information about pain-free dentistry call us at (714) 255-8338 and schedule an appointment today.

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