COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates.

We want to notify you that during this time we are modifying our office protocol to align with ADA (American Dental Association) recommendations to ensure your safety as well as our staff. Our office has always taken the greatest infection control precautions when it comes to the protecting our staff and patients and our modified protocol is to comply with the State of California's social distancing recommendations. We are an essential business and we will continue to be open during this time.

Pediatric Dentistry

As stated, a pediatric dentist usually completes four years of undergraduate degree, four years of dental school, and two more additional years in order to be a certified pediatric dentist. We are trained to understand the growth and development of both primary (baby) teeth as well as permanent teeth. This unique training allows us to further enhance our ability to provide information to parents concerning their child’s growth throughout infancy and early adulthood. Based on scientific research, we have the ability to educate parents on how to maximize prevention of early childhood caries, which can carry over to prevention of adolescent and adulthood caries. Thus, it is very important that we start seeing your child by 6 months of age, or no later than 1 year of age. During this initial appointment, we will spend the appropriate time to go through all the information you need to ensure your daily habits with your child are geared towards prevention of caries, as well as proper development of the oral structures, such as the positioning of teeth and bones. Harmful habits which include, but not limited to, digit sucking, and/or pacifier use past the first year of age can potentially cause movement of teeth and bones which could require orthodontic treatment to correct. We will discuss an array of topics during your visits to ensure optimal oral hygiene and growth/development for your child.

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