FAQs: Taking Your Young Child to a Kids Orthodontist

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Regular visits to the orthodontist are not just something for teenagers or young adults. Parents should start consulting a professional about the child’s orthodontic needs well before the patient has lost all their teeth. It is helpful to know as much as possible about the process of straightening teeth or correcting jaw dysfunctions. Speak to your orthodontist today.

The orthodontist’s role in your child’s care

This dental professional has training and knowledge in identifying and treating facial and dental dysfunctions. Some of these issues may include bit problems such as crossbites, underbites or overbites. This care also includes straightening teeth and creating more room in the patient’s mouth. Some of the treatments the orthodontist may use include:

  • Metal braces
  • Clear aligners
  • Retainers
  • Spacers

The orthodontist will evaluate your child early

Children as young as age 7 should start seeing an orthodontic professional. This doctor will conduct a thorough examination of the child’s teeth and jaw to assess any concerning issues or emerging problems. The first appointment will include X-rays and an impression of the patient’s mouth. At this meeting, the orthodontist will make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan going forward.

There are a variety of options to consider

Traditional metal braces continue to be a popular choice for orthodontists and patients. These braces use brackets and wires to put pressure on the jaw, which moves the teeth into the correct places. Elastics and bands are also used to adjust the teeth. Some patients prefer other options that are not so noticeable. Clear aligners are virtually invisible. These are plastic mouthguards that fit over the patient’s teeth. They work similarly to braces, though it does not take as long to complete the treatment with this method.

There is regular follow-up

Unlike routine visits to the dentist, which should occur every six months, the patient will go to the orthodontist’s office more frequently. Every patient’s treatment plan is different, but most people will schedule appointments every four to eight weeks. These visits allow the orthodontist to evaluate the patient’s progress and make any necessary adjustments. If the patient wears clear aligners, they will get a new mouthguard at every appointment. If the patient wears braces, the orthodontist will replace the elastics and may add spacers or other items.

Dental care is crucial

One of the challenges of wearing braces is that it is more difficult to maintain good oral health care. The patient must continue to brush at least twice a day and floss regularly. The orthodontic office can provide the patient will floss threaders to more effectively get underneath the wires.

Make those improvements

If your child has crooked teeth or an irregular bite, there are treatments available. Your orthodontist can start seeing your child at a young age and address any conditions early on. Discuss your child’s needs and your goals with the orthodontist. The doctor will come up with a plan, including the time frame and the type of intervention that should be used. Make your child’s first appointment today and get started on an improved smile.

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