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We want to notify you that during this time we are modifying our office protocol to align with ADA (American Dental Association) recommendations to ensure your safety as well as our staff. Our office has always taken the greatest infection control precautions when it comes to the protecting our staff and patients and our modified protocol is to comply with the State of California's social distancing recommendations. We are an essential business and we will continue to be open during this time.


Where Can I Find and an Awesome Orthodontics Treatment in Brea?

You will likely have a phase where you have to visit an orthodontist. Your teeth are important determinants of your appearance. Crooked teeth are often not very pleasing for the onlookers.

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What is Pain-Free Dentistry?

Some dental treatments may turn out to be very painful and uncomfortable. Often, this is why people shy away from visiting a dentist and getting a thorough dental checkup unless the pain becomes relentless.

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What is Anesthesia Free Dentistry?

Dental practitioners may have noticed their patients trying to avoid their next clinic visit because of their fear of needles and pain. Patients are not wrong from their standpoint but as dentists it is important to identify alternative solutions to painful needle-induced anesthesia.

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When Should a Child Begin Orthodontic Medicament?

When does your child need Orthodontics in Brea? Well, if this question is in your mind, read along. Below, you'll learn what orthodontics is, why it is required, and when it is required in the case of children.

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Now Say 'No' to Pain, Drill, Shots, Needle, Fear, and Numbing If You're Residing in Brea CA

Stopping by a dentist can be a nightmare for some children. They may get anxious seeing the large equipment or sharp tools at the clinic, and the thought of undergoing a dental procedure can petrify many.

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Laser Dentistry Solution in Brea: Bid Farewell to Pain

The field of dentistry is very vast. There are numerous kinds of dentistry services you would have already heard of. But have you ever come across the term 'Laser Dentistry'?

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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Apprehensive Kids?

Feeling anxious or scared before any dental procedure is common. But if this anxiousness starts affecting the dental procedure, it becomes necessary to take sedation for a pain-free dentistry services.

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Anesthesia and Sedation in the Dental Procedure for Kids: All You Need to Know!

Lot of children suffer from dental infections or dental pain and require treatment. This also means that the child will need to undergo any general anesthesia or sedation to make them still. But how safe are anesthesia or sedation options?

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